NEW FOR 2023! The TrailSport is a minimalist, budget-friendly, and lightweight snowmobile-friendly Tekvest. It comes with a convenient full front zipper and shoulder pads covered in fabric, making it effortless to wear over or under your jacket.

We custom size every TekVest for you based on your height, weight and waist measurements.

TrailSport - All Black - Standard / XXS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Trailsport

Introducing the TrailSport, a snowmobile-friendly Tekvest designed to be minimalist, budget-friendly, and lightweight. With its practical full front zipper and fabric-covered shoulder pads, wearing it over or under your jacket is a breeze.

The TrailSport incorporates the impressive hybrid UHMW/foam armor, just like our high-performance SX ProLite model. However, it prioritizes simplicity and cost-efficiency by omitting any pockets, resulting in the lightest possible weight. Nevertheless, it still features fabric-covered shoulders, allowing you to effortlessly layer a jacket over it.

The UHMW armor used in this Tekvest is truly exceptional, retaining its functionality even in freezing temperatures as low as -40°F. It offers remarkable resistance against cuts and provides reliable protection against stud penetration.

Experience the TrailSport Tekvest - a perfect combination of practicality, affordability, and reliable armor for your snowmobile adventures.

The Trailsport Specific Features
  • Bare bones, cost-effective, and lightweight.
  • Does not have any pockets to reduce costs and achieve the lightest weight possible
  • Full front zipper and fabric-covered shoulder pads for easy wearing over or under your jacket.
  • Fabric-covered shoulders allow for easy jacket pulling
  • The UHMW armor remains functional down to -40°F and provides high cut resistance to protect against stud penetration.
  • Full 360-degree protection around the ribcage.
  • An excellent wind stopper and insulating product. Acts as a mid-layer clothing option.
  • Our race-tested soft-armor configuration provides more coverage than anything out there.
  • Our special hand-laminated foam & UHMW panels deliver a light-weight, thin profile.
Who is the Trailsport Made For?
  • Ideal for any Trail Rider.
  • Zipper allows easy on/off, even without removing helmet.
  • Riders that want maximum 360-degree protection including maximum side, shoulder and frontal coverage.
  • Riders that want enhanced chest protection.
  • Rider that want more freedom of movement. 
  • Works well with avalanche back packs
  • Purpose-built for snowmobile, ADV, Enduro & ATV riders who like to wear back packs.
General TekVest Benefits and Features
  • TekVest exclusive energy absorbing hybrid UHMW armour. Proprietary TekVest armour is a UHMW hybrid that is designed to keep riders safe on the trail in all seasons.
  • 360-degree armour coverage around ribs, upper chest / sternum, abdomen – front & side, back/spine and collar bone.
  • Hyper-breathable inner & outer mesh
  • Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic is highly cut resistant while remaining flexible in cold temperatures. 
  • UHMW plastic is 8 x more cut resistant than HDPE
  • TekVest hand laminates custom milled UHMW to an energy absorbing vinyl nitrile foam to add impact resistance and energy absorbing properties to create a strong yet flexible armour that delivers a level of comfort and protection not otherwise available in the off-road world.
  • TekVest's closed-cell foam does NOT absorb water
  • 4-Season capability - TekVest UHMW hybrid armor remains flexible, even at very low temperatures
  • Light weight
  • Energy absorbing
  • Superior cut resistance 
  • Great flexibility
  • Superior comfort
  • Adapts to rider shape = form fitting after a few rides 
  • Durable - We have many riders who are still wearing their original 1997 models and many have reported over 100,000 miles on them. Our gear tends to last a long time.
  • TekVest's race-tested soft-armor configuration provides unparalleled safety
  • Can be custom designed and tailormade
  • Full in-house die-sub capability
  • Flash your TekVest with custom graphics or logos
  • All TekVest models are designed to wear over bibs and under jackets for winter use
Custom Colours, Design and Text

Any TekVest can be upgraded from stock solid colours to complete custom graphics for an additional fee. 

TekVest uses the highest standard in Dye-Sublimation and Graphic Design capabilities in order to create truly unique and inspired designs for our TekVest. View the Gallery to see these designs and many more!

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