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If you've got somewhere to be on Monday morning, shouldn't you be thinking of a TekVest?

Since 1996 Tekrider has been manufacturing the renowned TekVest line up right here in Minden, Ontario, Canada. PPE for snowmobilers, off-road/ADV dirt riders (and since COVID 19, PPE Medical products). All TekVest models use a race-tested armour configuration featuring our special UHMW Plastic and Vinyl Nitrile energy foam armour laminate. All armour and fabric components are sourced directly within CANUSA to ensure top quality and performance. We don’t know of any company that went overseas to improve product quality! Our customers tell us that no other armour system covers as much upper body surface area as a TekVest does, and that our level of lower side armour coverage is particularly important. Our comfort, performance and durability is well known- think of it as a helmet for your body. What is the cost of a day off work, or worse?

TekVest only has to work once to pay for itself! You can't choose the time and place of your crash, but you can choose your protection.

All Trails. All Seasons. All North-American.

Customize Your TekVest!

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TekVest uses the highest standard in Dye-Sublimation and Graphic Design capabilities in order to create truly unique and inspired designs for our TekVest. View the Gallery to see these designs and many more!