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TrailSport - XS / All Black - Standard is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


NEW MODEL LAUNCHED April 2023 -  Only available online

The TrailSport is a bare bones, cost effective and lightweight snowmobile friendly TekVest. With a full front zipper and fabric covered shoulder pads, it is easy to put on over or under your jacket. 

It features the same incredible hybrid UHMW/foam armour as our pure-racing SX ProLite, but has no pockets for reduced cost and the lightest possible weight, while retaining fabric covered shoulders to make it easy to pull a jacket over. UHMW is the only armour that remains functional down to -40 F, while being incredibly cut resistant to help protect against stud penetration.


Size Fit range (lbs) Fit range (kg)
XS 100-130 45-60
Small 130-150 60-70
Medium 150-185 70-85
Large 185-210 85-95
X-Large 210-240 95-110
2XL 240-270 110-125

4XL and/or custom sizing is available


  • 2 inner pockets large enough to fit essential electronics
  • Prolongs battery life in electronic devices such phones, Go-Pros, Spot/InReach & more
  • 2 vertical slots in each inner pocket to store electronics & more
  • Room enough to store 4 Smartphones or Battery Boosters, leaving room for wallet or maps
  • Outer pockets are TekVest's long-stablished, reverse-entry zippered design
  • D-rings & other attachment points are included
  • Full 360-degree protection around the ribcage.
  • An excellent wind stopper and insulating product. Acts as a mid-layer clothing option.
  • Our race-tested soft-armor configuration provides more coverage than anything out there.
  • Our special hand-laminated foam & UHMW panels deliver a light-weight, thin profile.
  • UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic. 8 times more cut resistance than HDPE.
  • Will mold to your body shape over time.
  • Our # 1 customer compliment; "I feel naked without it!"
  • An excellent wind stopper and insulating product.
  • “Electric blanket”- type warmth for lower back and kidney areas for cold weather riding.
  • Loosen side adjustments to flow more air, or run it tight to trap heat on cold/wet days.
  • All TekVest models are designed to wear over bibs and under jacket for winter use.
  • Easily adjusted to wear in summer conditions and can be worn on the outside.
  • You can always consider upsizing for external wear in winter.
  • 100% synthetic and easily cleaned with mild soap and water spray.
  • Our closed-cell foam does NOT absorb water.
  • Gotta be somewhere Monday? Maybe you should be thinking about a TekVest?
  • It only has to work once to pay for itself. What's a day off work, a week (or worse) worth to you?

  • OUR VESTS FIT VERY GENEROUSLY - Please contact if you need any assistance in choosing a size!!!


  • Ideal for any Trail Rider.
  • Zipper allows easy on/off, even without removing helmet.

Current lead times for production are estimated at 6-8 weeks



      Tekvest details

      TekVest Benefits and Features
      • TekVest exclusive energy absorbing hybrid UHMW armour. Proprietary TekVest armour is a UHMW hybrid that is designed to keep riders safe on the trail in all seasons.
      • 360-degree armour coverage around ribs, upper chest / sternum, abdomen – front & side, back/spine and collar bone.
      • Hyper-breathable inner & outer mesh
      • Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic is highly cut resistant while remaining flexible in cold temperatures. 
      • UHMW plastic is 8 x more cut resistant than HDPE
      • TekVest hand laminates custom milled UHMW to an energy absorbing vinyl nitrile foam to add impact resistance and energy absorbing properties to create a strong yet flexible armour that delivers a level of comfort and protection not otherwise available in the off-road world.
      • TekVest's closed-cell foam does NOT absorb water
      • 4-Season capability - TekVest UHMW hybrid armor remains flexible, even at very low temperatures
      • Light weight
      • Energy absorbing
      • Superior cut resistance 
      • Great flexibility
      • Superior comfort
      • Adapts to rider shape = form fitting after a few rides 
      • Durable - We have many riders who are still wearing their original 1997 models and many have reported over 100,000 miles on them. Our gear tends to last a long time.
      • TekVest's race-tested soft-armor configuration provides unparalleled safety
      • Can be custom designed and tailormade
      • Full in-house die-sub capability
      • Flash your TekVest with custom graphics or logos
      • All TekVest models are designed to wear over bibs and under jackets for winter use
      How To Size Your TekVest