Testimonial #1

From: Brap! 
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2014 9:11 AM
To: Steve Brand
Subject: Tek Vest
Hi Steve,
I apologize for not emailing you before now. The last time I rode was Aug 24th and the good news is I did not impact test your vest. The bad news is that I did impact test my helmet. Broke a carbon fiber helmet. The helmet worked. No concussion. However it has jammed up my back and neck pretty good. Needless to say I have not done any riding since then.

I was able to do some riding with both vest in some real heat and you were correct, they are not that bad. To my surprise I like the Rally vest the best. I like the zipper in the front. I found that you can quickly open it when you come to a stop and just as quickly zip it shut when you are ready to ride again.

I will try to call you later this week. Things are very busy from now till the beginning of next month. I have a trade show next week that I am trying to get ready for. Then when I get back I have a huge Dual Sport to get ready for the first weekend in Nov. There will be over 600 riders there and I set up as a vendor.

Talk to you soon. Have a great day.


Testimonial #2

From: Steve Brand
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 9:23 AM
To: Wade 
Subject: RE: Rally Max crash testimonial
Many thanks for your kind words Wade.  We have chosen to maintain production in Canada in order to maintain quality. I grow weary of all the off shore production out there. I know it will fail the minute I buy it.  I have had customers who have mounted their Spot on upper shoulder tops. Some have taped up a mount . Others have used sticky backed Velcro. Yet another managed to pop rivet a mount through the plastic. With wide enough washers it was possible for him to do so. Helmet clearance is important and if you wear a neck brace there may be additional considerations. As an engineer who rides you will no doubt find the right solution. Please let me know how you make out. Cheers Steve
PS: Could I use your testimonial on our new website? I would of course drop your e-mail addy and last name. A picture of you wearing the TekVest standing beside your bike would be most welcome.
From: Wade 
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 8:03 AM
To: Steve Brand
Subject: Re: Rally Max crash testimonial
Overall: I am very pleased with my TekVest. I have not had any significant crashes while riding with it, (I hope it stays that way). My biggest concern was it being to hot in the summertime, especially in the desert, that turned out not to be an issue, it is warmer than my old 661 pressure suit but I would gladly trade that for the obvious increase in protection. I like the integrated hydration pouch. The only down side is that I find that I can't wear my day pack comfortably with the TekVest, So I plan on buying a Giant Loop Mojavi bag for day trips.  Also, I have not found a good location to put my Spot beacon,  I really like having that somewhere on my upper torso not my bike. 
Design: Please tell you team that the design, material selection and overall fit and finish of your product is great. I have worked as an engineer in design and manufacturing for over 25 years and I really appreciate high quality, well thought out and robustly designed products.
Function: The TekVest helps me ride better because I feel more protected while I wear it.  It is like a helmet for your body and just like a helmet I feel naked if I don't wear it now.
Customer Service: I really appreciate the time that you take to respond to me and other customers.
Best of luck to you and your company. 
On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 3:09 AM, Steve Brand <tekbrand2@interhop.net> wrote:
Hi Wade. I was going through old e-mails the other day and am wondering if I failed to respond to you over a year ago. How is your TekVest performing?

From: Wade 
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 11:05 PM
To: Steve Brand
Subject: Re: Rally Max crash testimonial
 Hey Steve,
 That is quite a testimonial thanks for sharing it. Yes I ordered a Rally Sport this week I am looking forward to receiving it and trying it out. Our highs are in the 90s now so I should see how it works in the warm weather. I assume the best way to run it for warm weather is over the top over a jersey? and leave the zipper down part way?
On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 5:34 AM, Steve Brand <tekbrand2@interhop.net> wrote:
Hi Wade
 Not sure if you made a purchase yet but thought you mike like this read. It is tough to see in pictures but we have 360 degree armor coverage. In fact, there is a bit of an overlap on both sides. The testimonial below, and the attached picture, speak volumes on our level of side protection which no other garment offers. Send me you height and weight and I can size and price one for you.  All TekVest models feature the same level of side protection so it boils down to your riding style and if you want to use it in the winter as well.

Testimonial #3

From: kevin
Sent: June-17-13 7:38 PM
To: tekbrand2@interhop.net
Subject: RE: Your repair
 Hello Steve and Tekrider:

I just thought I would write a quick note of thanks to you and your staff for your great product and support. My Rally Max Tekvest has served me well over the past three years. It is an essential piece of gear when I'm riding off road. It has been worn for over 300 hours in the past three years on dual sport rides, enduros, cross country events, organized trail rides and off road rides in all kinds of weather from -2C to 30+ degrees Celsius. At a recent event I went down in a corner on the first lap and was hit / run over by a bike and rider behind me. At the time, we both got up, jumped on our bikes and got going again and I never gave the incident another thought. The next day I was no worse for wear aside from a sore arm but when I looked at the vest I realized there had been some sort of impact. After shipping the vest back for repair I was informed of how bad the impact had been. Judging by the damage to the vest I was very fortunate to escape this without so much as a bruise. The side of the vest looks as though perhaps a foot peg or some other metal tore into it. The protection offered by your vest certainly did its job I can't imagine what my torso would look like had I not been wearing the vest. The side protection offered by the Tekvest was the  reason I purchased the unit three years ago after cracking ribs in a crash while wearing a roost guard.  Thanks again to you and your staff for such a great product and standing behind it. Also thanks for the great deal on my new Rally Max vest.