Ashley's Accident

During my first few days of "coming to" at the hospital, I was made aware of the countless posts and well wishes from friends, and even total strangers. The reason I mention this is because a few posts surprised and shocked me. Several people asked if my health insurance would be covering my accident.

Of course my health insurance would cover it, I thought. I wasn't racing or participating in a sanctioned event. I'm well aware most insurances will not cover an accident in that case. I was unaware that with the new Obamacare regulations, several private insurances have cut coverage to recreational vehicle accidents. To lessen costs, insurance companies have stopped automatically including coverage for people injured while participating in something they love. That coverage can be added, but for an additional cost.

I just wanted to make all my friends aware so that those of you that do have recreational vehicles check your health insurance policy. My bill from the hospital alone (not including rehab or the physical therapy and follow ups I have) was $179,000. I was in the hospital 9 days short of a month. Oh and I was taken to the hospital by medical helicopter MercyFlight, for those in WNY. The distance was only 24 miles, the bill- $13,000. Thank goodness I only have to pay my co-pay, but if I did not have my coverage I would be financially ruined. So everyone do yourselves a favor and check your insurance policies! Being in an accident is traumatic enough, but then to have to worry about money and costs. That is additional stress no one needs or wants.