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TekVest is proud to announce that Bombardier (BRP) is the exclusive provider of Ski-Doo's TrailMaster TekVest in Grey "Digi" Pattern as seen above.

BRP can provide sizes XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL!

There are no BRP/Ski-Doo branding or logos on the TrailMaster

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  • Prolongs battery life in electronic devices such phones, Go-Pros, Spot/InReach & more
  • 2 inner pockets large enough to fit essential electronics
  • Vented armor plates allow body heat to insulate the inner pockets 
  • 2 vertical slots in each inner pocket to store electronics & more
  • Room enough to store 4 Smartphones or Battery Boosters, leaving room for wallet or maps
  • Outer pockets are TekVest's long-stablished, reverse-entry zippered design
  • D-rings & other attachment points are included


Every TekVest can be designed with custom graphics with our top-of-the-line Di-sublimation process- just send us your ideas!





The Ultimate Trail Riding TekVest

Please fill out the form below to inquire about purchasing a Trailmaster TekVest. Current retail pricing is $499.99 ($540.00 for 2XL + sizes)! With any further questions you can contact