The Company

Products designed by people who use them!

The increasing sophistication and capabilities of the latest snowmobiles and their drivers, have increased the need for enhanced driver safety and control. Most snowmobilers have family and work responsibilities to return to each Monday and when we fall off we don’t heal as easily as we used to. Many of today’s products are designed for the brochure and the bottom line - not necessarily for the driver. Many of these products are designed by non-snowmobilers and are adaptations from other industries.

Enter the Tekrider Tekvest: body armour designed to keep riders safe on the trail in all seasons.

In 1996 Steve Brand, successfully launched Tekrider and its first product - the Tekvest. Thousands of Snow Cross, Cross Country and Hillclimb drivers across North America have come to rely on the superior protection and mobility that a Tekvest offers.

Tekvest incorporates the highest level of upper-body protection currently available to a snowmobile racer, and meets or exceed all ISR specs. The ISR rules exclude the use of traditional MX chest protectors and stipulate that all forms of protective gear for Cross Country, Snow Cross and Hillclimb must have shoulder/arm protection. Tekvest sets the standard!

TekVest, the number one selling snowmobile protective gear in the world! If you have to be somewhere Monday Morning then you should be thinking about a TekVest!

Steve Brand
Owner & Founder