Brand Tekrider

Designed for mountain and back country riders.

Size Fit range (lbs) Fit range (kg)
XS 100-130 45-60
Small 130-150 60-70
Medium 150-185 70-85
Large 185-210 85-95
X-Large 210-240 95-110
2XL 240-270 110-125
3XL 270-300 125-140


  • Designed for mountain and back country riders who already ride with a back or "Avy" pack.
  • Ideal for Para Rescue workers.
  • More and more off-road dirt riders have chosen this model.
  • Cut 2" taller than a regular TekVest for standup riders.
  • New, narrow shoulder width design.
  • Extensive load-bearing ability. Load shifting is negligible.
  • Can comfortably be worn on the outside. Sized on the big side.
  • Suited to fit a wide array of back packs. Works well with avalanche back packs.
  • Incorporates our race-proven armor technology
  • Includes our new 3D coverage: shoulder, front & side armor coverage.
  • Rear armor panel removed to increase air flow.
  • Perfect for riders looking for just shoulder, sides and frontal protection.
  • Neck brace friendly.
  • Integrated drink hose sleeve. You should be able to use your existing drink hose.
  • Includes convenient tether cord D-ring.
  • Optional modular pocket system.
  • Optional arm pads.
  • Retains the legendary TekVest comfort, fit and quality construction
  • Does not meet ISR race regulations for SnoX racing due to new back panel.

 The modular system:

  • Room for avalanche beacon, radio, GPS.
  • Internal tether cords for your devices.
  • Quick-attach clips included.
  • Optional side pouches. 
  • Our race-tested soft-armor configuration provides more coverage than anything out there.
  • Our special hand-laminated foam & UHMW panels deliver a light-weight, thin profile.
  • UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic. 8 times more cut resistance than HDPE.
  • Will mold to your body shape over time.
  • Our # 1 customer compliment;  " I feel naked without it !"

An excellent wind stopper and insulating product.                                                                           

  • Works best with 3 in 1 jackets with vents and zip out linings.                                                         
  • “Electric blanket”- type warmth for lower back and kidney areas for cold weather riding.
  • Loosen side adjustments to flow more air, or run it tight to trap heat on cold/wet days.

    Acts as a mid-layer clothing option. You can now remove one of your current layers.

  • All TekVest models are designed to wear over bibs and under jacket for winter use.
  • Easily adjusted to wear in summer conditions and can be worn on the outside.
  • You can always consider upsizing for external wear in winter.
  • 100% synthetic and easily cleaned with mild soap and water spray.
  • Our closed-cell foam does NOT absorb water.              
  • All consumers have choices. Our product only has one chance to work right so we handcraft  every TekVest here in Canada - with all armor componentry from the  USA.                                                                                 
  • The inconvenient truth: what clothing manufacturer ever went overseas to improve quality?
  • Gotta be somewhere Monday? Maybe you should be thinking about a TekVest?        
  • It only has to work once to pay for itself. What's a day off work, a week (or worse) worth to you?

  • ***Ask about our new custom sublimation service. Your graphical design - your colors

  • OUR VESTS FIT VERY GENEROUSLY - Please contact if you need any assistance in choosing a size!!!