Let us “FLASH” any of our products with our custom order, in-house sublimation process. All work down onsite in the home of the TekVest.
Just send us your sponsor logos and design ideas and we will produce a custom product for you.
Take inspiration from any of the designs posted to our Gallery.
These are real photos of real products already shipped to customers around the world.
Let’s get creative! Why ride anything stock!!


1. Lori from Ontario - Flower Power

2. Kevin's - Color Crazed 

3.  Derek from California - Rally Max  

 4. Jim from Arizona - Star Spangled Banner Outback

 5. Kevin's - Bushmaster

 6. Kris from Australia - Aussie Outback

 7. Poker Palace Group from Vermont 

8. Morton from Texas

9. Racer Zach from Ontario 

10. CMRC from Ontario 

11. Kevin's Jersey

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